How can my dog tell me he wants to go outside?

It would be great if my dog could just tell me he needs to pee.

Some Pavlovian House Training

When Eddie was a pup he would pee in the condo all the time - the most aggravating part was he didn't do any pre-pee ritual like sniff around, a little whine, walk in a circle, nothing - nothing to give me a heads up what was coming.

So I needed to teach him to let me know when he had to pee - my solution was a medium sized christmas bell on a string tied to the front door handle.

Every time I took Eddie out I rang the bell as we were leaving - in three days he was batting at the bell to go out - success.

There was one small speed bump - Eddie knew that ringing the bell meant going outside - so I had to determine if a bell ring meant he had to pee or he just wanted to go outside. After calling his bluff a couple times - he only rang it when he had to go.

Eddie is almost 2 now and the bell is still on the door and he still uses it every once in a while when standing by the door doesn't get my attention.

shared by a German Short-Haired Pointer owner

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